While Life Groups will always have some element of gospel engagement, Life Groups are not a Bible Study or a Small Group, it’s an open invitation to gather and discuss key elements of life that many of us wrestle with. These life events also play a key role in our walk with Christ and how we engage with others. Life Groups are open to anyone who desire to engage in open discussion, learn together and grow together on the related topics. Each session is accompanied with a video and a provided discussion guide, but led by the spirit. Come join us and let’s talk about it!


Connections through conversations with another person is a basic human need, and the desire to create a romantic connection may be the strongest one of all. Faith and spirituality contribute to a sense of oneness. When you enhance your spiritual connection together, you form a relationship built on inner security and healthy communication. During this six weeks series, we will gather together bi-weekly to fellowship, strengthen each other and grow together in Christ by gaining a biblical perspective on relationships from a spiritual perspective.


Session 1: This Light and Momentary Marriage

Session 2: One Simple Question

Session 3: Friendship and Communication

Session 4: Fighting Jesus Style

Session 5: God’s Purpose and Plan for Gender

Session 6: Sex Mystery



Money plays such a central role in our lives yet too many times we do not step back and ask, “What is the spiritual purpose of money?”  Money provides the resources we will need to fulfill our spiritual task as well as meet our immediate material needs.  We are meant to partake of God’s great riches. At the same time, we are meant to take the wealth we accumulate and put it to the divine use it was given.  We all have a purpose. Each of us has a part to play in life.  To fulfill this purpose, we have to employ all of our talents and skills.


Session 1: Perspective

Session 2: Principles

Session 3: Live

Session 4: Give

Session 5: Owe

Session 6: Grow